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Dental Assistant Chairside Operations Manual (Fillable PDF)

Dental Assistant Chairside Operations Manual (Fillable PDF)

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EMAIL MUST BE PROVIDED AS a special link will be sent for down load. 

On boarding a new employee or having systems for chairside can be a struggle. By building a well kept manual, it will help stay more organized chairside.  

This is a download for a Dental Assistant Operations Manual. Download includes the next 2 volumes and updates.  

DAOM is a fillable PDF download where your practice can customize it to your liking. 

You can either hand fill out or type everything with inserting pictures of set-ups. 

Table of Contents:

1.Dental Assistant Knowledge 101 (terms and needs to know)
2.Infection Control Guidelines: Protocols, Monitoring, and Forms
3.Inventory Management: Tips, Tricks and Forms 

4-12 Sections are for your custom procedure layouts and instructions

13. Continuing Education Tracker- Log it to remember it 

14. OSHA for the Dental Assistant (from Dental Compliance Institute with Linda Harvey)

15. HIPAA for the Dental Assistant (from Dental Compliance Institute with Linda Harvey)

16. Dental Assistant Resources- QR Codes that take you right where you need to go

17. Dental Suppliers List- QR Codes to the websites

18. Dental Assistant Note (Blank Pages)


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